DPF Delete Solution And Service

When the DPF FAP enters malfunction causes the engine performance is limited and work defectively. Cleaning the filter is a short-term solution and the problem will be repeated at any time. DPF delete or Canceling this system can avoid the payment and continue to run until you have saved enough money to replace. The cancellation of the DPF FAP provides additional gain energy, reducing consumption and not to have to make other expenses relating to a clogged DPF.


For the electronics, reprogram the engine ECU to remove the regeneration cycle and sensors, this change will not have any failure related to the particle filter clogging. DPF FAP is suppressed electronically. For the mechanical part, must be removed and emptied the DPF FAP of your vehicle.



  • If you have had problems with the DPF FAP your vehicle the entire annulment eliminates these problems and will not have them in the future.
  • The diesel particulate filter is a blockage in the exhaust system of your car and remove it can increase the flow and therefore release more power and torque motor.
  • The FAP DPF diesel, upon removal reduces pumping losses and therefore increases fuel economy, in some cases, up to 20%.

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How to extend the life of the particulate filter?

  • Respect their maintenance. Follow the maintenance schedule indicating your manufacturer, paying special attention to the type of engine oil. The models with particle filter usually employ a low SAPS oil, prepared to support contamination oil produced in the fact inject more fuel than necessary when you have to increase the exhaust temperature for regeneration. This oil cost on average about 20 dollars more than a normal one.
  • Avoid short journeys. In them, the engine does not usually reach their ideal operating temperature and filter… either, so it saturates more easily and the motor needs to start a regeneration cycle every bit even time, each less than 1,000 km.
  • Salt road occasionally. Circular city only causes the filter accumulates many solid particles. Moreover, since the low temperature exhaust works, the motor is forced to make active regenerations every so often. Therefore, it is recommended that every 5000 km ride on the highway about 3,000 RPM for about 15 minutes.

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Some particulate filters use an additive that needs to be recharged in the workshop and helps burn solid particles and must be recharged in the workshop. It lies the case of using some of the PSA HDi engines. Depending on the model, it needs to be recharged every 80,000 or 120,000 km.

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